Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Kidz rulez book

Kidz rulez book
By kidz for kidz

disclaimer the author NOT  responsible for any consequences from this list that you may choose to do.
How to be Bratty
Bratty Rules for at Home

1.. (Golden rule) When told to do or not to do a thing, by either parent disobey and do what you please
2.. slam the door shut after you enter the house and track in mud.
3..It is a Kids Job to be as naughty as possible and as often as possible.
4.. You must be late for breakfast, school ,lunch and dinner.
5..You Must throw tantrums every opportunity you get.
6..You should never listen to what your are told to do
7..When you are done with stuff you must throw it on the floor and leave it for your parents to pick up after you.
8..You must never do chores.
9..You should watch any movies adults don’t want you to see
10.You must poke out tongue and make faces at adults when there backs are turned..
11.You should give adults a raspberry when they tell you what to do.
12.You should never ever tattle on another kid when they do something wrong
11..You should interrupt all conversations.
12..You should only eat sugary stuff and never eat what is good for you.
13..You should always play with your food.
14..You should feed your pet under the table when eating dinner. must run away from parents when they call you. should say naughty words a lot. should always run and never walk
18..when you need to ask a question or you need help with something you should always yell
19..Fighting solves problems and makes you feel much better.
20..You should never be a goody two shoes
21..You must get revenge when someone Tattles on you.
22..You must always stay up way past bedtime as late as possible.
23..You must never ever make your bed and toss your blankets onto the floor

Bratty Rules for School..

1..always day dream while lesson being taught
2..stare out window and dont pay attention
3..sit at back of class and make funny noises
4..ignore teacher and talk to person next to you
5.. always be late for class ate my homework
7..cant write got 2 broken arms should always chew gum and eat candy in class.
9..throw things at other students
10.. draw funny pictures of teacher and pass it around
11..put glue on teachers chair
12..put tac on teachers chair
13..write home work in invisable ink
14..leave teacher a apple with a worm inside
15..Spit spitwads
16..hide all the chalk
17..Hide all books and pencils and pens.
18..use bad language and grammar. homework because it is kids day, holiday.
20..i asked my Mom to check homework and she lost it.
21..make spit balls an use ruler to stick to blackboard.
22..put itching powder on teacher chair, that be fun to watch them squirm.